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March 2

1 - 5pm at the Gem Theater in
Kansas City, Missouri
5 - 7pm at Lifted Spirits for
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As a society we are waking up to the need to drive intentional change that makes a profound, positive impact on lives, communities and the world. 

Examples are all around us of people and organizations focused on driving change for the better, balancing profitability and purpose, making meaning and money.

On March 2nd we’re coming together for a half-day event to share stories of purpose, problems being tackled and momentum building on the road to conquer for good.  



Conquer for Good highlights individuals and organizations who are the forces of change in our society. These leaders are launching new models of collaboration, capital investment, and creative business design in order to help humanity thrive. 

Their endeavors show us how entrepreneurial innovation, enterprise-level scale, and an egalitarian sense of purpose can merge for-profit, non-profit, educational, and governmental approaches into a new model for solving today's most critical problems.


Harnessing the power of impact investing to solve the global water crisis
Gary White | Co-Founder & CEO |

Named to the Time 100 list of most influential people, Gary White’s entrepreneurial vision has driven rapid innovation in the way water and sanitation projects are delivered and financed, addressing a global crisis that is among the leading causes of illness and death. Merging with actor Matt Damon’s water charity in 2009, Gary has led the creation of new financing vehicle to help poor populations fund water and sanitation solutions.  The latest innovation of is the upcoming launch of a social impact investment fund designed to close the massive funding gap that philanthropy, alone, cannot address.


Building the largest passive house certified structure in the world - in the american heartland
Jonathan Arnold | CEO | Arnold Development

Jonathan Arnold is a leader in the field of sustainable and socially responsible real estate development. Through his work with Arnold Development Group, a certified B-Corporation, Jonathan is creating large scale mixed used green districts in transit-oriented urban infill locations.  The company is currently building the largest Passive House-certified structure in the world, consuming 90% less energy than comparable buildings in the area.  The  project also features rooftop gardens, EV charging stations and other amenities that demonstrate the future of urban development.


Building Healthier Communities
Melissa Hendricks | Vice President, Marketing Strategy | Cerner

As the world's largest publicly traded health IT company and one of Kansas City's largest employers, Cerner's vision is to improve health and care for every person around the world. Government health care reform, physician shortages, aging populations, a need to improve patient experiences, and a transition to quality of care over quantity demands significant innovation. Melissa Hendricks will share the steps the company is taking to help Kansas City be an active and vibrant community. Through "living labs" with associates, Cerner's First Hand Foundation engagement with the community, and collaboration with local health care organizations to improve the management of chronic conditions and set standards in maternity programs, Cerner is working to bring that vision to life right here in Kansas City, regionally and around the world.


The game changing potential of acting with purpose, on purpose
Mark O'Renick | Co-Founder | Will & Grail

A leader in the development of purpose-driven brand and business strategies based on design thinking principles, Mark O’Renick co-founded Will & Grail in April 2016.  The firm provides brand consulting and experience development services to help organizations and companies envision a core sense of purpose based on the positive impact it can have on lives, communities and the world. Will & Grail also invests in initiatives and research to advance  social innovation, community development projects and collaborative problem solving.


Building an iconic Kansas City brand that makes meaning and money
Chase McAnulty | Founder & CEO | Charlie Hustle

Chase’s desire to combine the popularity of his ever-growing brand with a commitment to building a stronger community has resulted in a number of innovative, high-profile partnerships raising money for organizations like Children’s Mercy Hospital, First Hand Foundation, the American Heart Association and more. Proving that Kansas City does indeed have heart.


Hayley Besheer | Founder & CEO | MADI Apparel

Launched in 2014, MADI Apparel is a hybrid-cause business designed to fulfill the urgent need for women’s underwear donations, a need that tops the list of every domestic violence and rape crisis center and homeless shelters. Often referred to as “America’s Most Impactful Intimates,” MADI Apparel uses long lasting, organic fabrics and employs women-owned KC production teams to sew their products. With their ‘donate a pair for every pair sold’ model, MADI Apparel has made an impact on lives across the globe.


Kathleen Garman | Innovation Analyst | City of Kansas City

Kathleen provides legal and policy analysis to the Mayor and City Council on subjects including: social entrepreneurship, the shared economy, citizen engagement and autonomous vehicles. Kathleen also successfully runs Kansas City's Innovation Partnership Program, a program in which start up companies pilot technology programs with departments at City Hall. She is also the published co-author of “Producing Better Mileage: Advancing the Design and Usefulness of Hybrid Vehicles for Social Business Ventures.”



Five to Thrive highlights Kansas City entrepreneurs giving five minute overviews of their vision and venture to showcase our vibrant community of social innovation.


John Gordon Jr | BoysGrow

Launched in 2010, BoysGrow is a year round program using farming and agriculture to provide mentoring, entrepreneurship skills and positive male role models for inner-city boys ages 14 to 16. Working side-by-side with BoysGrow staff and volunteer farmers, participants operate a small scale farm. Produce is cultivated for sale in local restaurants, and each class uses produce grown on the farm to create, market and distribute a product to local grocery stores. In addition to earning a paycheck, participants learn valuable work skills that provide a foundation for success in life. 


Adam Benton | Inspire Good Publishing 

Inspire Good Publishing strives to make the world around us better by publishing quality products that encourage a positive lifestyle. The company develops and markets works of its own and supports other creative individuals to bring their amazing ideas to life. Their positive impact is made by promoting acts of good, reminding us that fun is worth taking time for, honoring the sacrifices of our armed forces and their families, and inspiring how we think and work.


Kelly Wilson | Weave Gotcha Covered

Weave Gotcha Covered designs and manufactures custom window treatments, bedding and upholstery.  With a commitment to social enterprise, Weave Gotcha Covered passionately provides employment, mentoring and support to help women from marginalized communities improve their position in life.  Weave Gotcha Covered is a partner in 100 Jobs for 100 Moms, a program of Amethyst Place, providing transitional housing for women in recovery and their children.


Dre Taylor | Nile Valley Aquaponics & KC Urban Farming Co-Op

Nile Valley Aquaponics and the KC Urban Farming Co-Op are working to improve access to healthy, chemical-free food and promote economic develop fueled by sustainable urban agriculture. Niall Valley is working in Kansas City’s urban core to build a model for community collaboration using aquaponic agriculture to produce fish and vegetables in a controlled, sustainable environment. KC Urban Farming is a food-based member-operated economic system promoting urban farming as a way to transform abandoned lots into life-sustaining green spaces.


Thursday March 2, 2017
GEM Theater 1–5 PM
Lifted Spirits 5
–7 pM

Schedule to be announced.



Tickets are now on sale.

Proceeds will benefit Kansas City-based non-profits,
Children’s Mercy Hospital, Turning Point and



Conquer for Good will be held at the Gem Theater in Kansas City’s Historic 18th & Vine District. This area is host to exciting new projects and part of new planning initiatives to connect 18th & Vine with the Crossroads Arts District. After talks have concluded, we’ll move down the street to celebrate and network at Lifted Spirits Distillery in the east Crossroads district. With a host of startups and established businesses, the area is a great example of the grassroots collaboration and innovation Kansas City has to offer. Two Lifted Spirits cocktails and snacks are included with your Conquer for Good ticket.